Yumi is a driving companion that aims to encourage drivers to remain focused while driving and reduce distracted driving caused by mobile phone usage, which is a leading cause of car accidents. Yumi sits on the car’s dashboard and reminds drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands off their phones. Yumi consists of two main components; a motion sensor, and a smartphone holder. The motion sensor tracks the driver’s hands and detects when they are reaching for their phones. The programmed smart phone holder then reacts by performing specific movements in response to the nearing hands.

How does it work?
Yumi is based on an Arduino unit with sensors and motors. When the driver enters the car, Yumi respects him with a welcome gesture.When its ultrasonic sensor recognizes the driver trying to reach his phone, Yumi“escapes” by moving away from the driver. Yumi’s physical gestures are based on two servo motors that provide the base’s linear and angular movement.