WriSet is an IoT device that helps people undergoing physical therapy for the wrist, create
and maintain self-training habits. WriSet monitors gentle movements of the wrist and guides
patients during their self-practice and makes them more accurately. The physiotherapist
during the clinic treatment calibrates WriSet and prepares a home-based training program
for the patient to perform them in-between clinic sessions and guides the patient on how to
perform the exercises more accurately. Thanks to WriSet, the patients’ motivation increases,
and patients are motivated from performing self-physical therapy exercises and the
rehabilitation process is accelerated.

How does it work?

WriSet consists of a physical device and an online application. WriSet has two colorful
trackers that can be detected by a webcam for maximum accuracy. Using Google Teachable
Machine, each exercise is calibrated (recorded) by the physiotherapist and WriSet learns the
range of motion. The physiotherapist also provides the patient with highlights and
instructions on how to accurately perform the exercises. Through the feedback from the
online application and the Teachable Machine, the patient understands how to do the
exercises more accurately.