WeSing is a physical digital game that encourages positive interaction between parent and child while traveling in a vehicle. The game consists of a physical board controlled by the child, through which the child records and edits the sound. The child chooses a familiar song and places the CD onto the device. At the click of a button, a recording begins and the child and the parent are invited to sing. After recording, the child can change the frequency and speed of the recording so that the sound will sound distorted and funny. The recordings are stored in a cloud folder for repeated listening and shared memorabilia.

How does it work?
WeSing is based on Raspberry pi with microphone, potentiometer and button. Pressing the button activates a 15-second recording. After recording the child can change the pitch of the recording by rotating the disc mechanically. Then the files are saved in the cloud for replay playback. Before the trip, the parent loads the discs with familiar songs via Wesing App.