Wattson is a system consisting of a smart plug and an application that measures electricity usage for more informed electrical consumption. First, the user connects the appliance to the smart plug and defines it on the app. After the plugs are connected and set, the user gets updates in real time about the cost of their electrical consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly level. In addition, Wattson provides analytics about the costs and usage that will help the user track and compare his consumption.

Making the usage data transparent to the users, allows them to learn about their consumption habits and, if necessary, change their behavior so that in the future they will see a downward trend in their house electricity consumption and costs. Our prediction tool helps users adjust habits to optimize on costs.

How does it work?

Wattson is a hardware/software IoT solution consisting of a smart-plug and mobile application. The smart plug component sits between the electrical appliance and the wall plug and constantly measures the electrical usage of the appliance. Data is then sent directly over wifi, even when the app is not currently running.
The Wattson app reads the usage data in real-time, allowing the user to make decisions based on real-time information on their electrical usage habits, such as the number of activations and running time of certain appliances, as well as estimations about future trends and cost. Wattson also allows the user to see their usage history. In addition to daily data, each appliance usage can also show weekly, monthly and yearly usage habits!