Walkii is a mobile app that motivates people to exercise by getting a push from their friends.

It starts with one user that goes out for a walk and activates the app at the same time. Upon activation, invitations to join him are being sent immediately to the user’s friends. A friend who approves joining – will be picked up. From this moment, the new participant transforms into “the host” of the walk and new invitations will be sent to his friends!

How does It Work?

At first sign-in, the app integrates itself with the user’s contacts so that the user can add contacts as friends in the app. The user presses the “Start” button in order to start a walk. Walking invitations are being automatically sent to friends in the app using GPS location technology. A member who approves the invitation will be waiting for a pick up. All coordination is done through the app by calculating time according to location and prediction of walking time. The “chain” of walking friends is created in a way that each new friend becomes the host, in its turn. In addition, the app lets you see walking members on the map on a real-time. The user can add new users to his friends in the app, which he will know who’s walking, thus creating a database for each user.