Verify is a mobile application that is designed to help tenants of apartments receive additional information about the apartment before signing the contract. The app provides an option for the history of the apartment, based on the personal experience and opinions of previous tenants on three main issues: landlord, the maintenance of the apartment, and the living environment. The app heralds the wisdom of the crowds and creates a unique community that gives tenants certainty, security, and peace of mind through mirroring existing information but not leverage. This transparency will advance the rental market in Israel.

How does it work?
Verify operates by an address-based search engine (city of residence, street, building number, floor, and apt. number). The data is displayed from a dynamic database created in Airtable and open for further data entry. The application is linked to an anonymous DB questionnaire and the data is stored in 3 separate tables, using automation created in the tool – Integromat.