Tsumi is a smart companion that helps your family be present in the moment. It was designed to be placed on the dinner table and to catch the attention while any of the family members are distracted by their phone. In a short registration process. Tsumi identifies all mobile devices nearby and users need to confirm the connection. While sitting for dinner, one of the family members flips the upper part upside down. When Tsumi detects that one of the devices is being used, it starts to spin slowly. If left ignored, the spin increases until all family members touch the surface of Tsumi with their fingers. Then the spin will gradually slow down allowing them to concentrate on the movement thus allowing them to basically “zone-in” and be present in the moment.

How does it work?
Tsumi recognizes the phone using the built-in accelerometer feature in every phone. When moved, the app sends a message to Tsumi’s computer, which activates the first speed spin. After 5 seconds of spinning without recognizing any fingers on it, the spin will speed up. The slowing down process works by closing 4 different electrical circuits – every finger that’s placed on the conductive area on Tsumi will close one circuit, thus leading to a slow of the spin, Which will stop completely only when all 4 circuits are closed. Tsumi also stores data such as the number of times your family used their phone at dinner, the time it took your family to come back together to the present moment, and who activated Tsumi’s spin the most.