Tilt-It is a game platform for children who have been diagnosed with balance difficulties. Tilt-It enables its users to practice their balance at home, in between weekly professional treatment sessions. The child controls a digital game which is displayed on a screen, by standing on an unstable balance board and tilting it to different directions. Tilt-It games combine physical balance training with unanticipated cognitive challenges, while capturing data and generating activity reports featuring the child’s accomplishments. Tilt-It aims to improve the children’s abilities and eventually help them to feel confident enough to go outside to play, climb, swing and jump like all other children in their age.

How does it work? Tilt-It balance board contains sensors that track the changes in the surface, so when the user shifts weight to the left, the sensors read it as a left turn in the game. Our prototype includes a Nexus 4 smartphone as sensor. The smartphone sends the readings to the game on the computer via Wi-Fi. This way, the changes in the user’s balance on the Tilt-It controls the game. The game is displayed on a big TV screen in front of the user with an HDMI cable.