Tengo is a mobile application that is designed to assist pregnant women to get the information in an easy, fast, and specific way. The application enables users to create and post closed-ended questions, where the answers are defined by the user, and answered by other Tengo users that are found relevant based on users demography, personal interests and the history of answers. Tengo also provides an insights page that includes past survey results of questions that the application finds might be of interest for her.

The application heralds the wisdom of the crowds of our pregnant women community and creates a unique community that gives the pregnant woman the feeling of companionship, confidence, and peace of mind to make decisions, by enabling her to get specific, clear answers from other women in the same situation as she is.

How does it work?
Tengo stores and displays all questions and answers in the dynamic database of MongoDB, enabling storing any form of closed question, maintaining lists of the answering users, and analyzing the data. The application uses advanced algorithms that finds those users that are alike and does the question<->user matching.