Ten Siman is a one-on-one social mobile game that enables the user to learn Hebrew Sign Language. Users challenge their Facebook friends to a game. In the game each user is presented with a video clip of signed words. The goal of the game is to choose the correct word out of 4 options in the shortest time.
The content of the application was developed with the assistance of the “Shema” organization.

The “Ten siman” Marketing team has promoted the app using different channels, both online and offline: The “hearing week” was conducted in various education centers, including an online lesson in more than 40 elementary schools and students’ workshops at IDC and “Beit berl” academic center. Social media marketing was highly successful and included an original content created for the campaign. The team managed to reach tens of thousands of readers, broadcast on channel 2, “Campus b” radio show and numerous online articles in Israel’s leading daily newspapers and blogs.