An open-source, sensor-driven research device for shared spaces. It is designed to accompany observation-driven research and help the researcher find correlations previously not available due to small data samples. The platform supplies simple, discrete IoT attachable devices capable of continuously collecting data such as temperature, presence and noise throughout the day. The data is collected 24/7, and is available for further processing and examination through a designated web app.

How Does it Work?
Each stand used in our experiment is equipped with an enclosed unit hanging from the desk opposite of the seat. The unit contains a set of sensors connected to a processing unit with enabled WiFi connectivity. The processing unit collects and processes data from every sensor, then sends it every 15 seconds to a designated web application. The web app associates the device to its table and room based on a unique ID, then stores it on a designated DynamoDB database on Amazon Web Services. A separate web app enables querying the database by date, and processing them in customizable and predetermined graphs and charts.