A portable, compact and automatic standing table designed to interrupt sitting sequences while preserving ongoing learning or working processes. STU allows working on the laptop both when sitting or standing. It’s portable and light so the user can carry it anywhere. STU encourages working while standing, it interrupts the seating sequence by automatically lifting the computer every half-hour for 5 minutes. STU has an application that allows customization of height, sitting and standing times, as well as tracking of STU usage data.

How does it work?
STU operates with a mechanism driven by Arduino which rotates a screw that causes the opening of the structure on which the laptop is placed on.
First, the user places the laptop on STU product, with the default being that on every half hour STU will rise for five minutes. STU is connected to a mobile app, which tracks the use of STU and displays data in graph that assist with monitoring the user’s progress. STU is 3D printed and comes in a classic hard box that protects it and allows carrying it in any bag.