Street Simon is an urban game combining physical and cognitive skills, and encouraging playful interactions between pedestrians.
The game is a large-scale sidewalk version of the classic 80s game “Simon”, designed to be played by multiple collaborating players.

Our idle time in the city—be it at a traffic light, bus stop, or waiting in line—is now increasingly taken up by personal mobile activities. Whether it’s checking email, scrolling through our news feed, or playing casual games, we disconnect from fellow pedestrians and the environment, and are usually clammed up in rigid body poses.

How does it work? Street Simon is designed to make these short periods of idleness into opportunities for physical and cognitive activity, and a chance to connect with people around us. Players need to remember sequences highlighted by large LED-lit foot-activated buttons, and recreate them with their feet. Two or more players can collaborate to play the sequence even faster.

We have installed the game on a busy street in Tel Aviv and found it successful with players from small children to adults.