Street Beat maps the neighborhood’s musical DNA by collecting, mapping, and visualizing the music listened to on the streets of your city.

As so many are listening to music on their smartphones, why not discover what everybody is listening to? One part of StreetBeat is a mobile app that senses what music is played in a specific location, and registers it with the server. It thus enables anyone to leave his or her mark by having their music sent to the system, as well as explore new music, played by others.

How does it work? Street Beat is a public art installation in the form of a large city map instrumented with headphone jack. Plug in to any neighborhood and listen to the top five songs listened in that area. Open the peephole cover to get stats about the musical DNA of the neighborhood, and use the toggle switches to filter the chart demographics.

StreetBeat can be extended to collect and compare the musical DNA of streets, cities, or even countries.