SoundScape is a guessing game aimed at collecting and tagging sound clips, thus building a large-scale database of tagged sounds.
According to the “Games with a Purpose” paradigm, short casual games are utilized to build an otherwise difficult-to-construct data set.

How does it work? In SoundScape, players challenge each other to guess sounds that they record in their environment. They are also tasked by the system to find and collect specific sounds. These sounds are then connected with tags of their content, their location and time.

The result is a database of content- and location-tagged sound clips. We visualize the database using a searchable point-cloud map, showing the relative distribution of sounds recorded, tagged, and guessed. We are also working on an open API to allow further research into the sound database, which can be used for Computer Science research, automatic soundtrack generation, mapping of city noise, and many other applications.