SoulCall connects between users that can ask for and give advice, helping them feel fulfilled and satisfaction by sharing knowledge from their own life experience. Users seeking advice in various topics such as raising and educating children, record a request for advice, which is sent to the advising users on the other hand, those who are willing to advise from their own life experience. They can communicate using short voice recordings and once in conversation, can move to a phone call. SoulCall encourages helping others and promotes one’s well-being when users provide meaningful advice to others.

How does it work?

In order to request advice, the user sends a voice recording from the application, the recording is sent to the database found in Firebase. From The DB, the recording is sent to the advisors’ home page. The advisor can see all pending requests, pulled from the DB. In case a user would like to provide advice, they hold the recording button and record a response that is sent to the DB. The advice, which is now in the DB, is sent to the user seeking for advice side and a chat pops up for both sides.