SneakPeek is a platform for sharing tips from job interviews in the internet realm. With SneakPeek anyone can get access to interview questions & tips as provided by people who interviewed for different internet companies. SneakPeek is a community in which the best way to learn is through the experience of others, and to pay it forward is an essential value. The users receive information but also share from their own personal experience, and thus creating a circle of mutual giving. SneakPeek is for anyone who wants to be more prepared for a job interview at an internet company, and especially for young applicants without work experience in the internet realm, that are looking for the job that will help jump-start their career.

How does it work? 
SneakPeek is filled with all sorts of tips (both textual and visual) about job interviews in different internet companies. Users can browse the information presented on the main feed, or choose to search by hashtags to find the most relevant tips for them. The like button allows the user to give feedback and like the tips that helped her the most, which also benefits other users. In addition, the user can also contribute content, and share information from her own personal interview experience.