Meet Sleepy, a smart night lamp that will help you fall asleep.

In addition to being a regular night lamp, Sleepy guides the user to fall asleep using breathing techniques and a projected light beam. The lamp works in two stages. First it detects the user’s breathing patterns and imitates them by changing the intensity of the light beam (increases during exhalation and decreases during inhalation). After the rhythm is detected and established, Sleepy gradually shifts to a “leading” mode where the light instructs the user to breathe 6 breathes per minute which is the optimal frequency to fall asleep by researchers. For convenience, Sleepy can project the light onto the ceiling or to the adjust wall.

How does it work?

Sleepy is constructed of an acceleration sensor a strip of led lights. The program starts with a calibration process that lasts for 40 seconds and is marked using a soft green light. During the calibrations process the program determines the upper and lower bounds of the user’s breathing pattern. When done, sleepy will start to light up according to the user’s movements using a projected blue led light. In case of unusual movements, Sleepy will initiate an additional calibration process. After the calibration process is done, Sleepy transfers to a “leading mode”. This mode starts from the the personal calculated respiratory rate and gradually decreases the rate for the next 14 minutes. Sleepy shuts off after 14 minutes.