Seeds offers to turn boring, meaningless moments into inspiring ones by sparking bits of knowledge and inspiration . Users can choose topics they are curious about and the application will find them short up to 3 minutes videos to watch in their spare time. All videos were hand picked by us. We find Seeds to be an alternative to meaningless social updates we usually spend time on. With Seeds you can pass the time in a enriching and educating way.

How does it works? Seeds allows the user to choose between 12 different fields of interest. After choosing, the user gets short videos in three categories – “How to” videos, knowledge videos and inspiration videos. The videos are played from YouTube player, and were curated based on their relevancy and quality. The algorithm queries videos randomly, but with time it learns the user’s preferences and personalizes the videos according to the LIKE and DISLIKE buttons. Also, the videos that are shown are always new to the user. The “Out of the box” option encourages users to widen their horizons by presenting videos that are outside their chosen categories. For example, a user who loves inspirational videos can get an astounding inspirational video in the field of “Art” even though he hadn’t chosen that specific field.