SafeTrip is an application for calculating safe riding routes in the city for light transport riders (bicycles and electric scooters). The application calculates the safest route based on the cross-section of accident history data in the same area in terms of quantity and density. After calculation the app presents 3 options for routes with varying safety levels. During the trip, the application warns of dangerous junctions.
The purpose of the app is to raise the awareness of the riders to the dangers on the way and hence the safety of their journey.

How does it work?

When you search for a destination point, the application sends a request to a Node js server which performs two step process. First it exports a request (json format) to the Google Maps server to calculate all possible routes and in the second stage it runs an algorithm based on the history of accidents on the way to the destination. Finally, the user gets the top 3 safest routes along with rating and information on dangerous points in each route on the map.