Rello is a device that assist in division and monitoring house chores between family members. Rello allows parents to determine their weekly chores and it allows the children to decide which chores they would like to do. Rello shows a “Table of justice” which represents the amount of contribution of each family member during the week. As a consequence, Rello hopes to increases children’s motivation and decrease negative communication that exist around the performance of house chores.

How does it work? Through a mobile application, parents determine weekly chores and the amount of time each chore needs to be done. Using their mobile application, each family members chooses a chore by manipulating Rello. Turning Rello will rotate between chores and pressing it will set the chore to the user. These physical interactions are translated to digital signals that are being sent to A server. The icons are presented on a LCD screen and the amount of each chore viewed as LED lights. The server is synchronized by an Arduino board set behind rello. The mobile application allows personal monitoring and history reflection for the user.