Stress in all its forms is known to be one of the biggest problems of the 21st century. Among its negative influences, stress harms a person’s ability to fall asleep and consequently negatively affects sleep quality. Pillax uses a predetermined breathing pattern that the user subconsciously mimics and in return eases stress and helps the user fall asleep quickly.

Pillax is a robotic pillow that helps users to reduce stress in order to fall asleep using breathing techniques. Pillax guides the user how to breath in the ideal way for relaxation using artificial lungs technology. The user hugs the pillow and synchronize his breathing with the pillows breathes. This way, the user can reduce his stress levels and falling asleep.

How does it work?

This robotic pillow imitates human’s breathing using water based system. The system controls two water balloons using fluids pump and transfers water from one balloon to the other. This way, creates lungs behavior feeling. The system controlled by Arduino Uno software which regulates the fluids amount in each balloon.

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