Makerspaces, a place for creation and design are becoming more widespread. Making tools such as CNC milling, laser cutter, 3D printers are essential for rapid manufacturing.

Due to increased user adoption, these machines have all experienced a price reduction and shift from industrial machines to consumer machines thus becoming more available to the maker community.

We present an open and affordable liquid handling system based on an available robotic arm platform (uARM swift Pro).

The liquid handling accessory is fabricated using 3D printed parts, a modified pipette and commercially available parts. It allows mixing liquids and printing with them on any surface (agar, fabrics, gels, plastics, wood..).

Using a standard pipette head makes the accessory compatible with industry standards and allows for multiple material handling without contamination and with high accuracy.

A range of custom-made interfaces – from coding, through block based coding to biological matter printing of images, allows access for new audiences to advanced liquid handling.

The accessory leverages on the unique price-performance ratio, manufacturing technique and interface, for making advanced robotic liquid handling available to the masses.

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