A location-based digital board game for family trips to encourage positive interaction by the familiarization
of the road and its surroundings. The game is synchronized with the car’s movement, displays landmark pictures and their missing puzzle pieces alongside the trip rout.
The game requires the assemblance of missing puzzle pieces and identification of landmark along the way towards its completion.
The game is a platform for positive communication due to the dependence on a collaboration between the participants whi share a common goal.
Mapuzzle was designed to address cognitive abilities of the children age 7-12 such as spatial perception, abstract conception, logical thinking and with the concepts of time and space.

How does it work? As a part of the trip preparations, the children print and laser cut the game.
When everybody is sitted in the car, the game starts. One child identifies a landmark outside the car and presses the red button. The GPS system verifies that the car is indeed passing that location. At the same time the other child looks for the missing puzzle piece and places it onto the map. When the car moves to the next landmark, the children will move to the next picture and puzzle piece towards a completion of the game map.