Kudos app allows its users to discover what people around them are wearing. It’s an urban gallery of fashion, which functions as a “Shazam for clothes”. Kudos’ users can locate other users through GPS signals of the app and interact with them in order to find out where they got their clothes, without approaching them in person. They are able to do so by sending a compliment to the other user regarding the desired item. When the right user appears on the screen, one can pick the item he is interested in, and send a an automatic generated compliment. The receiver will be able to decide whether to share item’s brand and other details of it. Kudos prevents everyday embarrassment and reveals new world of possibilities of fashion.

How does it work?

Login with your Facebook account and allow basic personal details, includes a profile picture. Kudos uses face recognition technology in order to ensure that the profile picture of the user contains his face. After the sign-up process Kudos scans using GPS and locates the other user. After the scan, Kudos generates compliments based on the desired item. The user who received the compliment can either respond by sending the details he wants about the item or ignore the “Kudo” by sending “Thanks”, without any information. Information received is stored in a “Wish list” feature. 

*”Kudo” stands for a compliment which expresses interest and satisfaction for both users.