Hoodz is a mobile application that helps people who live nearby to create connections based on shared interests. Research shows that a sense of belonging is best achieved by shared interests and goals. Moreover, a sense of belonging to the community can ease feelings of loneliness, impared health, low subjective well-being and risk of developing depression.

The application enables users to join activities that suit their interests, or create activities and invite others to join. Users can filter the activities according to their personal preferences, view the activities created, and see past and future activities they have joined. When joining an activity,the user can talk to other people who have joined in a chat dedicated to the specific activity.

How does it work?
Hoodz was developed with VS Code as an IDE, which is based on the React framework for Javascript, HTML and CSS. It uses Firebase as a database, and for authentication needs, Node.js is used to communicate with this service.