Hiro is a physical object designed to assist students to stay focused during lectures. The main purpose of Hiro is to help student avoid distractions implicated with in class smartphone use. Once a student chooses to use his smartphone during class Hiro performs a physical gesture and by so alerts the student of his actions, reminding him that he should stay focused. In this fashion Hiro assists students to avoid in class smartphone use that is damaging their learning process.

How does it work?
Hiro is based on an arduino unit with sensors and motors. When it’s Range sensor recognizes when the user tries to reach his phone and Hiro “escapes” by moving away from the user.. When it’s pressure sensor recognizes whether the user has lifted his phone, Hiro will nudge and demand the user to put it down.
Hiro’s physical gestures are based on two servo motors which provide linear and angular movement of the base. At the end of each session Hiro saves the data that is later available for the user to review and keep track of his progress.