Goodo is a platform for recruiting volunteers for social projects. Goodo enables everyone to become a social entrepreneur and create volunteers on the one hand and on the other hand to become a caring volunteer who will take part in volunteers. Without commitment, without bureaucracy and according to the time available. Gudu emphasizes social involvement and encourages participation in activities between friends.

How does it works?

The app is where the Volunteer Marketplace comes from. On the user’s home page, the user is exposed to existing DATA BASE volunteers created by other users or create one himself. In order to initiate volunteer work, the user goes through three stages of a wizard in which he enters the details of the project, chooses a picture, a description and invites his friends to volunteer.

The volunteers are exposed to the home page where they can scroll through the available volunteers arranged in chronological order, from the closest to the most distant, to receive more information about each volunteer and to join the mission.