Game On is a real-life gaming app that allows its users to play against each other in various types of sport. With Game On, users can decide which sport they want to compete in, where the game will take place and when. Game On finds the right opponent for each type of sport, and also determines the location and time of the match. Ranking in the app is based upon user performance and the number of wins, draws and losses accumulated by a player. In order to maintain player excitement and motivation to play, the app does not match players with opponents who are ranked significantly higher or lower than the player.

How does it work?

In order to find the right opponent for the match, Game On utilizes a unique algorithm that organizes users according to their ranking and favorite sport. Game On also uses GPS to insure that users are close enough for a game to take place. User rankings are automatically updated from game to game. The  app will not offer an opponent that is not in a similar ranking.