An interactive board game that brings together alumni and current students in order to strengthen motivation for studies. In the game, players are exposed to questions about studies and careers that are asked by alumni. Listening to alumni enables the student to understand how the learning experience enables to collect tools that will be effective for him in the future

How Does It Work?
The game designed for 2 players. With a built-in speaker on the board, the alumni ask questions about subjects related to the experience of academic studies. The game board is an Arduino-based board with analog magnets. By throwing a dice the player can progress on the board, in each square, a question is played and through which the player meets alumni who present the player with a “career question” which he answers with pressing the buttons. after he answers, the alumni will give the player the correct answer and explain about his personal experience. The goal for each player is to reach one of the three combinations of squares that bring victory.