FlipSide is a news platform that aggregates articles from multiple news sources. The app displays the top stories of the day and below are the different coverages, side by side, to show the user possible bias as well as provide a broader perspective. The user can read news per leading categories, based on his preferences.

Additionally, with the user’s approval, the app collects and presents data about the user’s reading habits for personal reflection, in order to gain a better understanding of how he consumes news.
As the app developers, our goal is to burst the filter bubble by showing the users a broader picture and exposing them to the media biases.

How does it work?

FlipSide is based on extracting RSS files from the different news sources, comparing them on the server side, and feeding them onto a “Firebase” database. Every time a change is made in the DB, its data is then extracted and presented to the user so that he could be exposed to different coverages on the same subject. For every subject, the user can view the summary of the article (by clicking on its headline) and through it, to the full article.
While using the app, the user’s summary readings are sampled in order to display his reading distribution in the different sites.