Daily experiences captured by family members on their mobile phones, are automatically made into a joint TV show.

The Femory architecture combines 2 main components: 1) Content producers: mobile device application and other video cameras with Femory software 2) Content consumer: media center

How does it work? Using their personal smart phones, Femory users can create and tag video clips that are uploaded to the system. Some tags are automatically attached using technologies such as face.com’s, which recognizes smiles and tags clips with a high “smile index” as happy ones with high relevance to the user. On the server, a smart algorithm filters and edits the data accumulated each week based on its relevance and value, and produces a TV broadcast of “family news” that can be viewed on the Media Center.

This prototype was developed to help strengthen the ties between family members. The main challenges in this project were:   1) to determine if a video has a high interest level (relevance).  2) to edit movies in real-time.