FeelYou is an app which helps adolescents understand what they feel through writing. Studies have shown that the ability to name one’s emotions is crucial in developing the ability to control negative emotions. The user types in what they’ve experienced throughout the day, and the app analyzes the text and offers the user numerous emotions that it had recognized in the written text. The user can then fine-tune the results by adding additional emotions from a given list and adjusts their level of dominance on a scale of 0 to 10. This process is important for 2 main reasons: First, for machine learning purposes – teaching the app to know the user better. And second, for the user’s own ability to name their emotions. We assume that using FeelYou will help adolescents deal with everything they’re going through and reach a greater level of emotional well-being

How does it work?

The app uses a Node.js-based server uploaded to the Heroku cloud, a Firebase Realtime Database to store user data, and text analysis API by IBM Watson and Paralleldots. When the client sends an HTTP request via Volley, the analysis is performed by the two text-analysis engines. When the analysis is done, the server receives a result JSON containing the emotions that were recognized along with corresponding scores according to how dominantly the emotions appeared in the text, from each of the two text analysis engines. The server then performs an intersection between the two responses and returns the final result to the client side which displays it to the user.