EZBZ measures the load of people in places of entertainment according to location-based information of users in various social networks, and displays real-time capacity meter. Users can know in advance what the state of the load in a given place and request an alert when the load declines or increases by optimizing his preferences. The app also offers similar places or other places nearby. In the future the app will save data and display statistical information of load in a particular place over time, for those who want to plan in advance.

How does it work ? The “capacity meter” algorithm is based on Twitter’s API using location-based tweets from the main places of entertainment. Additionally, the capacity meter is using self-reports of users at the site in real time. The next goal is to be able to listen to other social networks such as Foursquare , Instagram , Facebook. The measurement is carried out by counting the number of tweets and self-reports in relation to the amount of the maximum human capacity in a specific location.