DoubleU promotes technological help for the elderly while maintaining a sense of personal empowerment and learning.
The platform consists of a physical button in the adult’s home and a dedicated app for nearby volunteers. Volunteering is offers to a company as an option of their community contribution program therefor there are screened to ensure maximum security for the elderly. When the button is pushed a notification is sent to the volunteer who in turn can call by or set a time to come over. For future reference and learning, the app provides easy wizard to prepare a PDF file that is sent to the elderly email or delivered by the volunteer. Our studies show that the elderly use printout which give them confidence and can help with their learning process.

How does it work?

The platform consists of an Android app developed with Android Studio, a node.js server located in Heroku, and a physical hardware button. Clicking the button creates a trigger for the server, which creates a record in the Database, and sends a notification to all registered users through a FireBase service. The notification is received on the volunteer’s app.
The button consists of an ESP component connected to Wifi and when clicked it receives a POST on the network with the relevant adult information for creating the record in the DataBase and sending the notification to the volunteer.