Divvy is a mobile application that matches up shoppers at the same location in order to split deals such as 1+1, Buy 1 get 50% off, thus allowing users to take advantage of the deal. Divvy matches people based on a deal and offers them to chat and arrange the meeting. Divvy enhances communication among shoppers who are in the same situation, in search for someone to split a deal with.

How does it work? Divvy uses the phone’s GPS to provide relevant deals to its users that are nearby. You can select a deal from the main page or browse by category. Once you’ve selected the deal, you are able to indicate your time availability at the location and based on GPS it will help you find people near you who are interested in the same deal. Our prototype will display deals inputted by the Divvy team, however in the future, Divvy will be user centered, where users will be able to upload their own deals.