Dapi is a physical robotic object designed to create a positive interaction between the bus driver and the passengers. The driver chooses a phrase written on a card that greets the passengers. When a passenger arrives to the driver’s position, Dapi lights up the card and makes a slight movement gesture in order to attract the passenger’s attention. Studies have shown that Dapi created eye-contact and a positive interaction in the bus, that are important for the safety of travel and everyone’s well-being.

How does it work?
Dapi is based on an arduino controller panel, distance sensor, motors and LEDs lights.
The distance sensor recognizes when a passenger approaches the bus driver, which causes the LEDs lights to turn on and the motors to move Dapi’s front in order to attract the passenger’s attention. Dapi is turned off after several seconds, until it recognizes the next passenger. The greeting phrases can be changed according to the needs and personal taste of the driver.