Culiozen allows teens to vent their negative experiences and emotions on a secured digital canvas. The application acts as a digital diary that offers to apply text, images, videos, and sounds. After initial registration, the user is presented with a range of emotions (textual tags) to choose from or he can add one of his own. The user drags the emotion to the canvas and can add a free text, images, videos, voice input, or emojis. The user can return to his previous canvases he kept in order to see how his feelings have changed over time. The application is designed to encourage the user to revisit the digital diary daily, and to feel that it is a safe place for him to express himself, in an honest, creative and safe way.

The application facilitates the venting and release of emotions, which will help the adolescent user to express his feelings. Access to the history of the emotional vent, allows a future mirroring procedure. There is a strong focus on the dimension of privacy, this is a secure application that provides an intimate experience as possible for the user, allowing him or her to know that the experience is private and secure and will not be exposed in the future, like a physical diary.

How does it work?

The application is optimized for use on Android smartphones and tablets and is based on Java code and a Firebase database that uses cloud storage. The user’s initial registration involves entering an email address that is immediately authenticated. After the first login, the user sets a personal password. All data is stored and synchronized in the user’s database.