Cooper is a musical robotic object designed to reduce the awkwardness between the driver and the passenger during a shared car ride. After coordinating the shared car ride, Cooper creates a playlist of songs, artists or genres that both the driver and the passenger love. When the passenger steps into the car, Cooper greets him with a welcoming gesture and starts playing the playlist. In addition to the welcoming gesture, Cooper “dances” to the tune of the song according to the rhythm of the music, and thereby enhances the musical hearing experience and encourages a shared topic for conversation. Cooper acts as a mediator between the passenger and the driver and therefore improves the shared car ride experience.

How does it work?
Cooper is based on Raspberry pi and an Arduino units with sensor and motors.
Using Spotify’s API Cooper searches for common tracks or genres. Based on that, Cooper creates a new playlist in the drivers’ Spotify account and plays the first song using the car speakers via Bluethooth through the Raspberry pi. A XXX sensor detects that the passenger has entered and controls 2 servo motors for smooth movement. Motion is also monitored based on the BMP of the song.