A wearable technology designed for an office environment, aimed to create new and surprising interactions between employees. Placing clicks under a smartphone will open a matching application. each week the application will present a new and unique question to which the user will give an answer according to his personal preferences. the four possible answers to the question are represented each by a different color, choosing the desired answer will light up Clicks with the matching color. The employees can wear Clicks anywhere they like using the fastener on the back of the product. Clicks functions as a conversation starter and creates positive encounters which can lead to new collaborations and to the development of big ideas.

How does it work? Clicks is comprised out of two main components: Spark-core and a NFC reader. The Spark-core is a small processor with a LED light source. The spark is synchronized with the spark cloud, analyzes the data and colors the “Clicks” LED accordingly. The NFC reader allows the communication between the Clicks and the Smartphone. Placing the two together will open an android based application that displays the weekly question to the user. In addition the NFC reader serves as an I.D tag for each user