CiteC is a VR multi user platform that provides the user with an unique dating experience. The system motivates the user to reduce any inhibitions and lack of confidence in an enjoyable way throughout the virtual date. CiteC is based upon face to face interaction including live feedbacks such as voice and gestures the reflects users natural behavior.

How does it work?

In order to enjoy the virtual world of CiteC the user is required to use HTC VIVE equipment that connects to the cell phone. Once connected to the system the user fills up general information and chooses the desired location for the date and an avatar that best represents him. The experience begins when the user lands in a random spot in the desired location with another avatar that chose the same location.The users share a goal of finding hidden treasure chests that contains questions that would help the users get to know each other in an enjoyable, amusing way. The date has a time limit when time is up the users chose whether or not they would like to meet in real life.

Watch CiteC on the late night tv show Live at Night!