Buzzer is a smart digital button that encourages you to take short breaks and exercise during your working routine. With Buzzer you set a group weekly goal and invite your colleagues from work to the challenge. Each time you or any of your team members exercise, you earn points that are credited to the group’s challenge. The product includes hardware for each member and an app for tracking the metrics. The app keeps your personal progress as well as the group and allows you to select different exercises to perform. We designed Buzzer to accommodate a variety to exercises and invite participants to suggest more.

How does it work?

Buzzer operates using a Raspberry-Pi component located in classrooms. The hardware recognizes other devices within the same space by using WiFi-Probing and sends the information to our servers anonymously. When the user presses the main button in the application’s home screen an HTTP request is sent to our servers, following an immediate response with information on an available classroom. The user can share this information with his/her friends by clicking to send an automatic text message on WhatsApp.