Tangible Interaction in Parent-Child Collaboration: Encouraging Awareness and Reflection.
Parent-child interaction during a collaborative activity can empower children if parents are able to envision their child’s mental state and regulate their behavior. However, this ability is a great challenge for many parents. We designed a simple tangible ’Awareness Object’ (AO) intended to raise parents’ awareness of the roles they can play and help them shift their focus to the interaction with their child.
We present results from 12 parent-child interactions with the AO. Our qualitative analysis reveals that the AO raised parents’ awareness of their roles during the activity and led to various types of reflection by both parents and children. In addition, the AO increased children’s involvement in evaluating their parent’s role, which some parents found intriguing while others found inappropriate. We conclude that a simple tangible interface can enhance parent-child interaction. However, this ןnteraction is sensitive and should be approached with caution.