Students talk About the Hackathon

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This year the miLAB held the first UX Hackathon at the IDC. As Interactive Communication students with training in advanced courses in user experience (UX), we decided to take on the challenge and register.
The Hackathon task was to take public information that is allegedly open to all and make it accessible to users through an innovative interface. Sounds big right?  Indeed, it was a great challenge, the amount of information and data that the public deserves to have access to is tremendous. In order to prepare us to the subject, a preparatory meeting was held for all Hackathon participants, including two lectures that helped us understand the subject better and introduced us to the existing information. After wards, we were given a week of preparation in which we began to research the subject and develop an idea.
We did a brief user research and built a persona in order to better understand the potential user. On the day of the Hackathon, we began to fine-tune the idea with the help of the mentors from Netcraft Academy. Without a doubt, it was an enriching, instructive and practical experience. We were given the opportunity to work on a project that requires a lot of creativity, spontaneity and functioning under conditions of stress and time constraints. In addition, we met very interesting people both mentors and participants in the Hackathon, which included not only students, but also people from the industry. The task to provide a product in such a short amount of time and under these circumstances enabled us to apply the tools and knowledge we have accumulated so far. We strongly recommend that anyone who is considering signing up next year to do so – you will have an enjoyable and instructive experience!
Wrote by Gal Barzilay and Adi Bar-Lev. 3rd year Communication students at the IDC.