Structuring the unstructured- Summer in Maketec


This summer the Maketec operated in an expanded format- both morning and afternoon
activities. After almost two years of activity in Beit-Ariela public library, we experienced two main challenges: (1) kids’ elaboration and (2) visitors’ retention. In order to address these issues, we came up with the “Tracks Program”. The “Tracks Program” allows children to choose a specific path of activity out of three different paths, in which they can learn the different technologies step by step. Moreover, we set different levels of activity- beginners, mid-level, and experts. The structure of the learning process gave the kids a goal to aim for.
We were glad to watch both our new visitors and also the more veteran ones, to have the exciting opportunity to experience with new technologies, expand their set skills and setting themselves new goals.
During July-August, almost 500 kids visited the Maketec. 34% out of them were returning visitors, and 49% were girls.
Now, the Maketec team is getting ready for a year full of new experiences and meaningful hand-on activities.

Written by Rona Sadan, research assistant and Maketec project manager at IDC MiLAB.