Scratch Day 2017

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Scratch Day is a global network of events where children gather to celebrate Scratch, the free coding platform and online community for kids. Scratch Day events bring together young people from the Scratch community to share projects, learn from each other, and welcome newcomers.
Scratch celebrated its 10th anniversary in May, and in honor of this exciting event we, at the miLAB IDC hosted the Scratch Day Israel.
Scratch Day Israel gathered around 100 children at IDC last Friday, May 12th. The children at the age of 8-12 were divided into four groups according to their level of familiarity with Scratch. Each group had mentors from the miLAB’s creative learning group and younger mentors at the age of 16 who volunteer at the Maketec in Tel Aviv. The kids had the chance to code, share their knowledge and have fun.
On this year’s event we gave the more experiented children the opportunity to blend the physical and the digital world together by doing a hummingbird workshop. At the hummingbird workshop the children created physical objects related to ecology via the kit and with the help and support of the mentors.
At the end of the making session we gathered all the children and parents to see selected projects from each class, which the children presented themselves.
It was inspiring to see the creative world of children from within, to see the great projects and the improvement of the children every year.
Hope to see you again next year.

Written by Tom Hitron and Gil Backalash, communication students at the IDC.