Research night at IDC


Every year, The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya participates in “Research Night”, an event consisting of academic activities around Israel sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology. This year, the event theme was “Humanity in 2050”.

In the past few years, miLAB took a great part in the activities by hosting a making session for kids. This year miLAB students and staff created a Kaleidoscope making session, the kids got to build a Kaleidoscope from pieces of cardboard and mirror that were cut in the laser cutter. miLAB hosted 60 kids and their parents for the making session and all the kids got to take their creation home proudly.

The Kaleidoscope making and many more activities is representative of the core work done at the miLAB’s Maketec – a youth center for digital-making located at Beit-Ariela public library in Tel Aviv. The Maketec program is designed to promote making and socializing opportunities for girls and boys aged 9-14.