Maketec Summer Program


Our new summer program in the Maketec is intended to enrich our activity, increase gradual learning and encourage kids to try different activites that they might not try otherwise . We designed a program that is based on tracks where we offer different activities on a daily basis. Each track is based on a core activity for example 3D printing, LittleBits, Electronic circuits, Makey-Makey and more and kids need to complete one before moving on to the other. Activities are also based on skills and kids are encouraged to progress over time.

We intend also to motivate the kids to make a project with a social cause.
We will introduce a different technology from time to time such as “HummingBird Robotic kit” and work with them to produce something meaningful to others.

So where is all this happening?
Maketec is a youth center for digital-making (a makerspace) located at the Beit-Ariela public Library in Tel Aviv. With the help of trained supervisors and high school mentors, the center offers kids the opportunity to imagine and create technological projects that blend the physical and digital worlds. Maketec strives to create a fun and educational environment that encourages today’s youth to see themselves not just as consumers but as active creators of tomorrow’s technology.
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Dafna Sapir & Rona Sadan, third year Communication students and a research assistants at the IDC MiLAB.