Interaction Design and Children Conference 2016 at Manchester, UK


I am attending the 2016 Interaction Design and Children conference in Manchester, UK.

The conference hosts a community of researchers in the fields of educaton, design, computer science and others. As suggested by its name, the focus of the conference is on children.

During the poster session I presented a paper written by myself, Oren Zuckerman and Yaron Shlomi. Our paper focused on the experiences and learning of teenage mentors who volunteer in the Maketec project.

The conference is a great opportunity to meet different researchers and join the community. A few of my favorite presentations so far: 1) a projected animation system that supports learning how to play the piano. 2) a video game where adults no longer exist and children have to learn science in order to survive. 3) cube shaped toys (TUIs) that collect health metrics while children play with them.

David Barel, a third year Psychology student and a research assistant at the IDC MiLAB.