Creative Education in Schools and Public Spaces

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For the 2nd time we invited educators, tech people, makers and policy makers to discuss the challenges in learning in the 21st century.
The assembly opened with Maketec’s PM Gil Bakalsh, who shared our Maketec’s activity around Israel. Dr. Oren Zuckerman, miLAB’s founder and director, reviewed the lab’s various research projects such as Catakit and Scratch Nodes.
Noa Morag, miLAB’s general manager gave an overview on the Maker movement in Israel and called for a more diverse activities that will appeal for all.

The event was concluded in a “round tables” session where everyone had the chance to meet and discuss different aspects of the challenges we are facing.
We hope that by gathering this community of people from different domains, we will be able to advance toward a developed technological future for the adults of tomorrow.

Written by Shir Brokman, R.A at miLAB IDC